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[IP] Re: Treating lows in AM

    This is not meant to be sarcastic, or offensive, I am just stating facts
here. I have tested my BG at night, early in the morning and have treated
lows as many times as highs. Before pumping, and since pumping. I have taken
BG's every hour when something comes up that requires it. When I first
started on the pump I all but stayed up all night and all I was told to do
was take a 3 AM BG.
    The point I am trying to make, without anyone getting their feelings
hurt is that most of us (generally speaking) have been diabetics. We know as
much about using insulin as any non-diabetic doctor, and most all the rest
of them. I agree with you that there are some excellent endos in this
country. I would bet that 75% of them (maybe) are as good as you would want
to use. That is not my point. I'm not knocking anybody's doctor. If he/she
tells you to wait a week more, two weeks, what ever that is not important
either. The point I want to make is that there are some of us who have been
dealing with the details of this disease long enough that we know what out
abilities are. We understand that it is better to be a little high than to
be low. There are some that have gone for a year or more without the need of
a doctor's appointment. Maybe you just don't understand where I'm coming
from but without people like I'm trying to describe to you here we would all
still be living at Plymouth Rock.
    I'm not telling anybody to jump right in there and start their pumping
program without your Dr. and CDE. I understand that there are those of you
who have to lean up against the cabinet and grit your teeth to get enough
nerve to eeeaaaasssseeee the needle into your tissue. These people are not
the ones I refer to. The young lady that jumped in there and hooked her pump
up and got on with the program. My hat is off to you. May God bless you! I'm
so proud of you I don't know what else to say. I still believe the saline
and hospitalization for getting on the pump is nothing more than money
    I will look for the information MiniMed sent me stating that "To go on
pump therapy you need to be motivated and have a desire to take control of
your own health care."
    I won't say no more as I have already made enough of you mad but this is
the way I feel and I have done well in the past 39 years controlling my
health and with this new tool it will only get better.

Just my opinion. . . . .

Buddy '-I