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[IP] Re: Counting carbs

>Also, one area I get myself into trouble with is carb counting.  Any
>suggestions on eyeballing a plate when you are out to eat & determining how
>many carbs are there?  I figure this too comes from practice/trial &error,
>but figured if someone had some suggestions...
>Thanks in advance!!
    It has been my expierence that uou just don't get up one morning and
your fairy godmother has twanged her magic wand on your noggin and you can
suddenly look at a plate of food and know it has X number of CHO's and you
must take Y number of units! You start out with a good book, like "The
Complete Book of Food Counts" by Corinne T. Netzer and you start figuring
what you are putting in your mouth every time your elbow bends. After you
have looked up all the foods you normally eat and have plotted your meals
for a while. And you have looked at the labels on all the groceries you have
brought home to consume, yes even Oreos, you develop this nack for looking
at a plate with mashed potatoes, carrotts, and a Jello and some kind of
animal flesh and you can determine close what you will have to bolus to take
care of it.
    You don't really need to purchase a book because I don't think there is
anything left on the planet that does not have the nitrition fact panel on
the package it is just that the book will give you the oppertunity and
recource to look up things that you have eat somewhere other than your
"crib" and you didn't have a clue of the carb content.
    Something else you will find is that EVERY meal you normally eat will
require between 5 and 12 units of insulin. Right. Well, other that Christmas
or New Years dinner where you have all the cornbread stuffing and cranberry
sauce, and pumpkin pie, and gravy and . . . . .   Well you get the picture.
For these meals you bolus in about 15 units and then check BG every hour on
the hour and try to hold the numbers down to a respectable level. Now you
can see why some of us were so proud when we woke up the day after and had a
fasting BG of 114! I liked to broke my arm trying to pat myself on the back!
    Anyway this is how you finally get to where you can look at a plate of
food and guess, with some education and accuracy how many carbs you will be
devouring! Rule of thumb, if it taste real good take 8 units, if it tastes
wonderful add 4. Ha.

Just my opinion,

Happy New Year gang!

Buddy '-) Feeling wonderful thanks to MiniMed!!!
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