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[IP] Removing Adhesive "Leftovers"...

 Hello All!

Well, It's been about 11 days of pumping now.  All is going well!  I'm still
working with my care team to get things regulated, but I figure that will
take quite some time.  For the first few days my basal was set too high, and
I was eating all day to keep up with my bloodsugars.  We (the care team & I)
dropped my basal rate for certain times of the day & night, and it seems to
be working better.  I am basically gathering as much data for them as I can.
Testing as often as I can think about it!!

What do some of you use for removing the "gunk" left on your skin from the
adhesives used?

Also, one area I get myself into trouble with is carb counting.  Any
suggestions on eyeballing a plate when you are out to eat & determining how
many carbs are there?  I figure this too comes from practice/trial &error,
but figured if someone had some suggestions...

Thanks in advance!!

Scott K. Johnson
email @ redacted