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Re: [IP] Sets, Sites and Scholarships....

> As an aside - I am a Pharmacy student trying to get through school - and I
> work A LOT - about 30 hours a week.  I am looking for scholarships or grants -
> to make up the difference between the financial aid that the school offered,
> and my remaining need - $5000!!!!! for Spring!!!!  Anyway, guess it goes
> without saying that my family would be MUCH better off with that than without
> it, but my school does little in the way of aid beyond the loans that I have
> maxed out.  Any ideas of places to look for help?  I have called the ADA, JDF,
> and am applying for Lilly's scholarship - any other ideas?

After filling out a FAFSA, one can contact the financial aid office at their
school and inquire regarding extenuating circumstances.  At that point, with
written documentation, the school must adjust tuition payment.  This is a Federal
guideline.  I read about it with my 1998-99 financial aid packet.