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Re: [IP] Doctors getting rich??

-.  I understand your theory, though, and it made me smile.
>Happy New Year!
>Mary Jean (MM507 for 11 months)

Mary Jean,
    You are my kind of lady. Like you, I see less of my Dr. now than before
pumping. I think I told you all that my doctor didn't recommend the pump to
me I ask him what he thought about me getting one. At that time he gave me
some names, MiniMed and Disotronic (sp?) and I sent off for their
literature. MiniMed's pack was back within two weeks! Took the other company
two months! I am a firm believer in first come first served. After looking
at the video and reading all the literature I talked to my Dr. on the phone,
he wrote the script and letter of necessity and in about three weeks or a
month I had the pump. If I had been hooked up here, with you guys,  then I
would have been pumping immediately!
    When I need a kidney function or HbA1c I call him or my wife, who works
at the hospital, will see him and get the order and I will go in at 4 AM and
get the blood drawn and get back home in time to fix breakfast for my better
half and get her off to work.
    I control my diabetes! I am solely responsible for the condition of my
body. I don't drink alcohol, I don't use tobacco, the only drugs I use are
by doctor's orders only and I am proud of the job I have done. I am still in
the "rut" of the "old school routine". I enjoy having a schedule but I do
break it from time to time and since the pump this causes no problems. My
doctor is very good although not an endo (retired surgeon) he has a "Family
Practice" now and is doing well at least with my family. He commends me with
the ability I have with the control of my BG's as does my cardiologist.
    My doctor confers with me on my treatment. He tells me what he thinks
and asks me what input I have. I respect all his decisions no matter what
they are. He has directed me to do some things that I did not quiet agree
with but  did not kill me. Ha. HE IS THE BOSS but I do appreciate his
concern with my input. I have learned much from him and he has from me. All
doctor patient relations should be like this in my opinion.

Buddy '-)