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[IP] Re: Usless information

New Years evening 5:40 PM
Hey Gang,
    Does anybody besides me keep track of all this "useless information"? I
just had to make a set change because I slept late this morning (Praise the
Lord that I can) and was getting low on fuel.
    I see that next Tuesday the 6th., will be my first year on the pump.
Hear that Randall? I see from my logbook that this was my 83rd set change.
How do you gals manage that said you were changing every two days??? Again,
I have had no infections at all and no ill effects. I guess I should keep up
with the number of vials of Velosulin I pump???
    I appreciate all the knowledge you have shared with me and I hope I have
contributed something to you. May each and every one of you have the best
year of your life this year. If there is anything I can do to help you in
that direction I am right here for you.
    I do have the old "pig tail" hanging from my last set too Michael. "You
can teach an old dog new tricks" Sissy.  May God Bless all of you.

Buddy '-)