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Re: [IP] Re: New to the game

>Sorry Michael but I don't agree in kissing up to these so called
>professionals and walking the line just because they went to medical >school and they have a diploma. 

Again, that is not the issue, the issue is that their co-operation is
necessary, they write the prescriptions for the medications as well as
the pumps.  Human nature being what it is, a bad experience for a doc
could prevent him/her from going forward with the next patient.

Just because you or some other adventerous person is prepared to
go-it-alone may scare the crap out of some not to bright/wet behind the
ears doc.  That could do a lot of harm to those patients who follow.

I don't aggree with what I consider an over cautious approach to the
prescribing of insulin pumps or the hesitancy with which the insurance
industry embraces them (even though it lowers cost overall).  But the
most straight forward way to get 'continued' action for us and future
pumpers is not through agressiveness or confrontation ( even though I'd
like to bash a few heads now and then ), it is co-operation, only if on
the surface and appearance alone.  I won't say more.