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Re: [IP] mental attitude

Thank you to all who responded.  There are some things I should make clear.

1.  I did not change insulin when I began pumping.  I had been using only R
in MDI and I used R in the pump.  I've since changed to H.

2.  I played conservative on all doses until I had a good idea of what was
going on.  I did check almost every hour for the first two days and also on
the overnight.

3.  I figured doses by dividing the total number of units I'd been taking of
R by three, finding rough meal boluses and using the remainder as a rough
basal rate.

4.  I never increases my total amount of R per day, until I was comfortable
working with the pump.

5.  I allowed for carbs the same way that I had on MDI.

6.  I felt that this approach would be similar to what a team would do.
Keeping in mind that the initial pump efforts are mostly guesswork on
anyone's part.

7.  There were problems.  The Comfort set got pulled out the first night I
slept with it.  That could've happened anyway.  There were bad sites and
high scores, etc.  You just work on each issue at a time.

8.  The CDE here was told by MiniMed that I had a pump.  She called me four
weeks later.  By then, I did not need any assistance.

9.  The nurse from the pump dealer also called me, as did the salesperson.
Both are experienced pump users, and offered a lot of good advice.

The point of my original post was not to advocate reckless use of a pump --
it was to recognize that we have skills a doctor or CDE without diabetes
will never have.

Their bag is to make it all a seem like big mystery that we feel unqualified
to tackle.  It would've been wonderful to have had this mailing list during
my first few weeks.  I began attending a local support group two months
after getting the 507.  That was a huge help, too.

email @ redacted