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Re: [IP] Doctors getting rich??


I actually had the same sort of thoughts a year ago.  But I don't think this
is honestly the case.  Now that I am "stable" on the pump, I see my endo with
the same frequency that I did on MDI.  It was just that 2 months worth of
frequent office visits.  I took the attitude a long time ago that I would
learn to make adjustments in my insulin myself, once given a framework to
function within.  I only ask my endo about the really big issues, like whether
or not to use humalog.  I do go every three months and get a HbA1c and he
checks my eyes and listens to my heart.  I do not call him every time I think
I need to change a basal rate.  But then, I am comfortable working with
numbers and data -- I understand that not everyone is.  I'm not implying any
sort of intelligence or lack thereof, it is just a matter of where one's
strengths lie.  Whatever the case, I'm much better off with the pump, even if
my doctor did get rich or is getting a kickback from the pump manufacturer, I
don't really mind.  I understand your theory, though, and it made me smile.
Happy New Year!

Mary Jean (MM507 for 11 months)

> It's really just a theory... Doctor's who place their patients on pumps
>  will force their patients to make more frequent visits and be more
>  dependent on their docs, thus reducing their downtime and increasing
>  their cashflow, so to speak.  Just a theory....  hey, and here's an
>  addendum to the making more money theory... and since the pump is known
>  for better control, their patients will live longer and have a higher
>  total sum of lifetime visits.