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Re: [IP] Re: mental attitude ????

At 01:13 PM 1/1/98 -0500, Forrest wrote:
>It's really just a theory... Doctor's who place their patients on pumps
>will force their patients to make more frequent visits and be more
>dependent on their docs, thus reducing their downtime and increasing
>their cashflow, so to speak.  Just a theory....  hey, and here's an


FWIW ... my experience is:

A total of 16 years with the same doc. For all the years before pumping, I
saw him every 3 months. Since I started pumping, I see him every three
months. No change, cost to me is still the same ($5 co-pay). I sincerely
hope Doc's cash flow is still sufficient, because he is a fine doctor ;-)

If anything, I am far less dependent on my doctor since I started pumping,
which is fine by both of us ;-)

Bob Burnett

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