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Re: [IP] Re: mental attitude ????

I once had a weird thought, when I first visited my endo, after a short
consultation he asked me, "Have you thought about the pump?" And all I
could think was, "Wow, that was quick.  Does he have a bunch in the
trunk of his BMW that he's trying to unload.  But then I quickly found
out that wasn't true.  But then I didn't visit him very regularly after
that, but every time I went in he would mention, almost cajole about
it.  Then when I decided to do it, he went into "Are you sure you REALLY
want to do this, it's not for everyone you know." And I'm thinking this
is coming from the guy who suggested it and kept pushing it...  But my
weird thought is this..
It's really just a theory... Doctor's who place their patients on pumps
will force their patients to make more frequent visits and be more
dependent on their docs, thus reducing their downtime and increasing
their cashflow, so to speak.  Just a theory....  hey, and here's an
addendum to the making more money theory... and since the pump is known
for better control, their patients will live longer and have a higher
total sum of lifetime visits.
just a thought. Happy New Year Everyone.. It's gonna be great in '98.

buddybarber wrote:
> > Michael
> >email @ redacted
>     Before I start this let me say that my BG is 128.
>     I waited three years to get in to see "a good endo" that puts a lot of
> his patients on pumps. I thought "Here I go, finally getting to see a real
> professional!" Let me tell you something. This jerk had less brain mass than
> a pigeon! One of the first things he told me to do was to quit counting
> carbs and take the same bolus NO MATTER WHAT I ATE! My dear old retired
> surgeon (primary phy) has more intelligence in his little finger than this
> 45 year old endo that has several of his flock on pumps. Collectively here
> we have access to more information, and quicker, than any doctor I have been
> to in years. I will agree that there are things you should definitely talk
> over with a doctor but if you are already pumping "salt water" (in my
> personal opinion is a waste of time) go for the real thing! As I mentioned
> before this is mostly a $$$$$$ situation anyway going to these high priced
> witch doctors. I see it with most all of them. Notice in the Spring, when
> their wives get the itch to go to "wherever" on a week-end jaunt.
> Just my opinion after 39 years of observation!
> Buddy '-)