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Re: [IP] Problems with Humalog -- update

ZIMMY64 wrote:
> Chris,
> I appreciate the reply to my letter. The only problem with my sugars and
> trying to stabilize them is that they are not at a constant high. Sometimes
> they are fine and then wham! I took the right amount for my carbs this morning
> and was fine. I did the same for lunch and I was 377 three hours later. Supper
> was worse. But the day before it was just the opposite. I just don't know when
> it is gonna work and when it won't.
> At least I am coughing it up now cause the last time I didn't and was happy
> till I ended up in the hospital with pnemonia. I don't really feel too bad but
> cough like I'm gonna croak! I guess I'm gonna just have to watch my sugars for
> the next eight days.
> Karla
Karla - There are so many factors with the Asthma thing that It can
really make you nuts - My ENT has me on Fenesin and Deconasal - pills
plus claritin and ventolin and Maxair inhalers - I take the pills every
day and the inhaler ventolin daily - only use the maxair when I am
having troubles. Also strongly recommend you get the Pneumonia vaccine -
it's good for 5 years and I have really really had fewer asthma problems
since getting it ( into my 2nd year of vaccine) Like last year only one
event and this year none so far. My prayers are with you Hope you get
better soon Chris from Ind8-)