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A. Muse wrote:
> From: RWBIEHL <email @ redacted>
> To: email @ redacted
> Date: Wednesday, December 31, 1997 3:10 PM
> >I got my pump just before Christmas. Now I just have to wait on the doctor
> to
> >go on it with insulin....
> Mine came UPS at 3 PM.  By 4:30 I had it up and running the real thing, no
> saline.  Went out to dinner that night and bolused at the table.  Just me
> and the instruction book.
> No loaners, no team, no educators, no white coats.  If you can program a
> VCR, you can run the damn pump.  Why wait for somebody to show you how your
> life can be better?  Just start...
> A.M.
> email @ redacted

I understand your desire to hurry the process and the fact that you 
were comfortable with doing for yourself...however the book and your
ability to read it is not the same as having the doc and your team
decide what rates are best for you and what you need to do if..
I truely understand your feelings I got my pump a week before
Thanksgiving and was dying to start it knowing how much better my life
would be with it I got really frustrated because I couldn't get my team
together til Dec 4th - I wore the pump a few days without any thing in
it then I convinced the pharamicist to give me some saline and used it
til I was able to go I am glad I did I might have made a fatal mistake.
My doses and rates were very different from what I had been doing on MDI
and I had to wean off my long acting NPH and Ultra and adjust dose for
Humulog to make my BS remain stable during the startup period.
Good luck to you ...I do not recommend others do as you did but
understand why you felt this way Chris from Ind. 8-)