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[IP] Interesting briefing on Insulin Strength

That article on insulin having variable potency when we purchase it at or
local pharmacy was real interesting. They attributed the potency loss to
"cold storage in the supply chain", or may be we should say failure to
maintain adequate cold storage in transport and storage. If you think 40%
potency from the pharmacy is bad, think about the insulin we get from mail
order pharmacies like Express Scripts. I use to get all my insulin and test
strips from Express Scripts for years, it was great when I was in college
because one script could follow me to my school address and back home. But
about 10 years ago they started adding temperature monitoring strips to the
insulin shipments, it quickly showed that the insulin was getting too warm
in route. They demanded the insulin back (it was all I had to use) and told
me to get my insulin from a local pharmacy from then on. I was kind of
annoyed that they wanted my only insulin back even after I explained to
them that it would take my local pharmacy a week to order and receive a new
script. BTW- the "bad" insulin seemed to work just fine. I live in a some
what isolated area. Certainly something we should keep in mind about our


Date: Sat, 3 Feb 2018 10:59:00 -0800
From: Alan Segal <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Interesting briefing on Insulin Strength

I don't have access to full article, but it is enough to peak
my interest..... maybe our thinking that we got a "bad" vial of insulin
isn't crazy...
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