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[IP] Yeast Infections

Yes, I did see a doctor and the yeast infection was diagnosed by lab test.
I have had a problem with yeast infections ever since I had diabetes,
despite maintaining tight control. The yeast problem really got out of
control and became chronic (was effecting my digestion) when I had to do a
lengthy course of IV antibiotics.
I remember the yeast craze or may be we should say fad too, it peaked
around 2000. Some of what some of the doctors were saying was truly
ridiculous; attributing any unrelated health complaint to digestive yeast
and diagnosing every patient with it. I met a doctor once who sheepishly
admitted that he had jumped on the fad himself years earlier (had to admire
his honesty). Like most fads it starts with a kernel of truth, some of us
do had yeast issues, just not everyone. Please don't disparage the
gluten-free diet, many of us also have celiac and get seriously sick from
gluten. It is hard to find safe food, especially when its not taken
seriously and we are made fun of, just for doing what we need to do to
manage our condition.


I read Phoenix's post, and I wonder who actually diagnosed her yeast
infections. There was a time, maybe 30 years ago, when an anti-yeast
craze was going on in this country. People were convinced that they had
yeast infections that made them feel constantly unwell. As a result, they
eliminating grains from their diet, and any baked goods made with yeast. I
not sure is Phoenix is talking about something specific to women (vaginal
infections) or the supposed systemic yeast infection. The former can be
perpetuated with poor glycemic control (since the high blood glucose
the yeast.) The supposed systemic infection, in my humble opinion, is a fad,
promoted by companies trying to sell anti-yeast supplements, etc. I believe
fad went out of fashion decades ago, and is currently being replaced by
gluten-free diets for everyone, even though most of us don't have celiac


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