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[IPn] need a push

Hi everyone,

It's day 24 of our Winter pledge drive and we've matched almost $773 
of New York's challenge from last week. With the matching donations, 
that brings the total so far to just over $2,768 which 
means there is a bit over $2,000 to go to reach our goal for the 
quarter.  ...AND, there are challenge to match half of that so your 
share isabout a thousand dollars worth of individual member 

The pledge drive needs a little push from YOU to help achieve that 

If you like the information and comaradery you find here, and you are 
financially able, won't you join the hundreds of other forum members 
that have contributed to the support of the Insulin Pumpers and give 
$10 or $20 a year to help out. There are currently well over 8,700 
members that have not yet taken the plunge and made a pledge. If each 
contributed just 50 cents a month -- less than a buck!!, no fund 
raising would be needed to reach our goal. So please won't you 
contribute today.    

A while ago, Salt Lake City wrote:
> Endos are helpful and one should never go without one... but
> parents fight the battle each and every day.  The combined wisdom
> of  many parents of insulin pumpers is more helpful to me than any
> doctor. The PoP email list has been a life saver - literally -
> since my daughter started the on the pump!
> Thanks for a valuable service!

Please send me your thoughts for tomorrows pledge reminder to
	email @ redacted

To help match the New York's challenge or to make a sustaining gift
to Insulin Pumpers please visit:


You can use most any credit card or PayPal to make a donation.

If you prefer to send your contribution by mail, address it to:

Insulin Pumpers
558 Valley Way
Milpitas, CA 95035

In the UK you can also visit:


My best regards
Michael Robinton
Executive Director
For mail list removal write
website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org