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RE: [IP] Weight Watch or other "Diet" plans for Diabetes

Hi -

 I am a type 2 since 1992 and using the OmniPod since 2010.  I am following
Weight Watchers and having success.

The WW plan is based on the glycemic index - which is helpful to diabetics.
I find that the WW point system encourages a balanced diet.  IMHO it also
trains you to eat better over time.  You are allowed to eat anything you
want as long as you stay on your point budget.  In other words, if you want
a half gallon of rocky ripple have it, count the points, and wait until
tomorrow to have anything else, cause you're done for today.  Or would you
rather have 3 balanced meals and a few snacks?

I try to avoid all processed foods and artificial foods.  So I ignore most
of their recipes, but have made some that were excellent.  They advocate fat
free cheese and diary and I just loathe that stuff.  I can do some low fat
but for the most part I eat the regular full fat versions just less of it.
I also use real butter.  If you read the label on that fat free stuff it
will make you gag.

The point allowance I find is generous - many days I just don't get it all
in.   And then some days I'm into the weekly allowance,  that is usually
from my wine.

You look up and track your points either on paper, online or using a phone
app.  The online and phone app display the nutrition counts as you enter
things.  I just write down the carbs, add them up and use that to put into
the PDM for it to calculate my bolus.  

The first three weeks I lost 8.2 pounds.  I weigh in on Wednesdays so I'll
know tomorrow how this week has gone.  My insulin usage is also down
substantially and my numbers are much better.

The meetings are excellent.  They now have some that are specifically for
50+ pounds to lose.  I've learned a lot and am making some great friends.
The leaders are WW success stories and have been well trained.  If you have
any problems they have the answers or can get the answers.

I highly recommend the program.  There are lots of men at the meetings or
there is a special online program for men.  But the meetings really help.

All I have been doing for exercise is a Leslie Sansone DVD a few times a
week.  She has tons of different ones but the one I have been doing lately
is called Walk Down Your Blood Sugar or something close to that.  It is a
mild mile or so walk in front of the TV.

> On Feb 24, 2015, at 7:38 AM, Yoel Krigsman
<email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hello:
> My wife is on WW plan and does show that she is losing some weight and 
> not D and I am D and do have some concern if that plan is good for 
> Diabetes or there is other kind like no-carb [is this safe for 
> pumper?] diet for the D that is very safe to use?
> Advise would help! :)
> Thanks
> Yoel
> Pumper T2 since 2012.
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