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Re: [IP] Medtronic Paradigm 523 Question

>  I check my sugars, as you suggested Natacha, and then let the bolus
>  wizard
> calculate the amount of insulin after inserting the number of carbs to
> be eaten. Then I check my BG again (after a couple hours) and that's
> where the inconsistency is. Any other ideas?

This sounds like the problem that my daughter had when she was a teen 
in highschool.  It hung around for a couple of years and then went 

5 days a week (school days of course) her bg's would spike after 
breakfast, but not on weekends. We did some "engineering" tests on 
the phenomena and discovered that if she ate a "no-carb" breakfast of 
eggs and crystal lite, the same spike occurred with the same 
magnitude. If she did not eat at all (fasting until lunchtime), there 
was no spike no matter what day it was. Her doc chalked it up to a 
cortisol surge in the morning in anticipation of stress (going to 
school) with the meal somehow interacting to release glucose from her 
liver. Since is was fairly predictable, the solution for her was a 1 
unit bolus when she got up in the morning on weekdays and then 
treating her meal normally. It worked. Perhaps something similar is 
going on for you???

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