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[IP] Freestyle/OmniPod test strip recall

I received a letter on Monday from Abbott, makers of Freestyle, saying that
the test strips I was using might read erroneously low in my built-in OmniPod
PDM Freestyle meter but they would be accurate and still safe to use in my
little Freestyle Freedom.    They shipped me new strips which arrived today.
I had just recently purchased a bottle of normal control solution (Freestyle)
and hadn't yet opened it, so I thought I'd do a little control testing
tonight.   Here are the results -- I would be interested in knowing if others
find the same results.

I used the same bottle of control solution for all tests, shaking it as
directed before each test.    I tested 3 meters twice each, including an
Accu-Chek Aviva (not involved in this recall) using its own strips.    For the
2 Freestyle meters, I tested a recalled strip, then a new replacement strip,
then repeated both tests.

Accu-Chek Aviva using Aviva strips:  72, 71
(I was surprised that this meter read the lowest, since that's not my usual

Freestyle Freedom using RECALLED strips that are supposed to be fine in this
meter:  94, 96
Freestyle Freedom using replacement strips that should also be fine in this
meter:  88, 93

OmniPod PDM built-in Freestyle using RECALLED strips:  85, 84
OmniPod PDM built-in Freestyle using replacement strips:  80, 83

Interesting that the replacement strips actually read a little *lower* in all
of my meters than the strips which were recalled for possibly reading too low
in the PDM.    Perhaps only some OmniPod PDM's are affected, so as always --

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