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Re: [IP] Tandem t:set infusion sets - info sought

I love the t-set. I just answered most of these questions a couple of 
weeks ago.
On 2/23/2014 3:46 PM, Leszek Vincent wrote:

1. Does the tubing disconnect from the site base or from a pig-tail away 
from the base?
At the base.  During the cartridge change process, the infusion set gets 
connected at the pig-tail and it's supposed to stay connected. 
Otherwise, the user would get air in the tubing.

  2. Is there any visibility of the site area immediately surrounding 
the cannula (the equivalent of a window to check for site problems)?
Kind of. The latches obscure the view, though.  You might like to know 
that there's a little plastic 'door' that the user can pull shut while 

  3. How low is the profile of the site (fractions of inch or millimeters)?
Dunno.  Much lower than a Comfort.
  4. Is the infusion tubing translucent white or translucent blue?
  5. How easy is it to observe the passage of insulin up the infusion 
tube during the priming process?
I sit in front of a window or a lamp and use those for backlighting 
while I change.  Easy to see.  Priming is slow, slow, slow.

6. How easy is the set to insert via the insertion device?
There actually isn't one.  It's a 90-degree set.  Prepare your site, 
hold the injector needle straight, and slap it in.

7. How secure does the adhesive appear to be (especially in 
exercise/perspiration situations)?
Only once or twice did I worry about it coming off due to heat and I 
just cut some short strips of Opsite and taped around it.

8. Any comments on the stability of the cannula tip, regarding kinking 
during exertion/exercise?
I've never had a problem with that.  I've had it disconnect a time or 
two without my participation...so I make sure that my t-slim is anchored 
to something (bra, pj's) and can't pull away.
  9. Some pictures could communicate a lot.
Go to Fifty-50.  They have a video, but I think that they call this by a 
different name.  The t-set is made by Applied Diabetes Research.
  Thanks for your assistance. Leszek Vincent (Missouri) .

You're welcome!

Denise Br.
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