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Re: [IP] Tandem t:set infusion sets - info sought

I went on the Tandem website to confirm, and you can use the Comfort-Detach
set (Smiths Medical). The answer to your question is with the Comfort-Detach
us "Yes". You don't need an inserter, just pop it in.B  It has a "pigtail"
design, which is nice because you can insertB  in the upper butt area, and not
have to be a pretzel connect/disconnect.

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From: "Leszek Vincent" <email @ redacted>
To: email @ redacted
Sent: Sunday, February 23, 2014 1:46:30 PM
Subject: [IP] Tandem t:set infusion sets - info sought

Hi, all: I'm keen to receive comments on the Tandem t:set infusion set.
There is need for more detail & images on the Tandem website (
http://www.tandemdiabetes.com/Products/Infusion-Sets/t-set/). Samples are
not available from Tandem. If you know of info on the web do point me to
it. I'm a seasoned pumper, currently using a t:slim pump (a delight).


B B  1. Does the tubing disconnect from the site base or from a pig-tail away
B B  from the base?
B B  2. Is there any visibility of the site area immediately surrounding the
B B  cannula (the equivalent of a window to check for site problems)?
B B  3. How low is the profile of the site (fractions of inch or millimeters)?
B B  4. Is the infusion tubing translucent white or translucent blue?
B B  5. How easy is it to observe the passage of insulin up the infusion tube
B B  during the priming process?
B B  6. How easy is the set to insert via the insertion device?
B B  7. How secure does the adhesive appear to be (especially in
B B  exercise/perspiration situations)?
B B  8. Any comments on the stability of the cannula tip, regarding kinking
B B  during exertion/exercise?
B B  9. Some pictures could communicate a lot.

Thanks for your assistance.
Leszek Vincent (Missouri)
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