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Re: [IP] Medicare and CGM

PREACH! the dimwitted schadenfreude of some people accumulates to
intolerable levels.

Look, a Shakespeare quote: The quality of mercy is not strained. It falls
from heaven as a gentle rain.

Constant reminders of my lack of access to CGM make me want to get off this
list. I just have to balance that with the wisdom, humor, advic, and
compassion that's also present.

Somebody has a screw loose, and it defaults them to "I'm crazy, tedious,
repetitive, and thoughtlessly cruel! Hi!"

Delete immediately, and go for the gold. It's here! You just brought some...

On Thursday, February 20, 2014, Jerry Smith <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Curyl and Greg,
>  Is 'Curyl' your name? I aam frustrated by your continuing redundant posts
> about
> Medicare and your excellent coverage through SDI in Indiana. This is an
> issue of
> deep concern for many of us on Medicare. The facts are that Medicare
> policy is
> based on local policy articles, such as NHIC A33614, which deny CGM
> coverage
> because it is precautionary. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
> (CMS) based in Baltimore, MD, have refused to issue a national coverage
> determination (NCD) that would allow CGM coverage when it is medically
> reasonable and documented with a letter of medical necessity.
>  You are very forrtunate to receive full coverage for CGM. However, there
> are
> many more of us who are forced to pay for CGM out of pocket or cannot
> afford CGM
> because of bureaucratic refusal to make any changes to a ridiculous policy
> that
> is out of date and not cost effective. The complications of severe
> hypoglycemia,
> which you may have been able to avoid, include seizures, coma, cognitive
> impairmant, and death. Why don't you contact your represenative in
> Congress and
> ask him or her to support HR3710, The Medicare CGM Coverage Act?
>  You claim that nothing more needs to be done. You could not be more
> wrong. The
> tone of your posts comes across like none of us know what we are talking
> about.
> It would be helpful if you could add something to a serious discussion.
> The well
> meaning people who have posted at IP are trying to support changes that
> would
> help many of us on Medicare. We are very frustrated by the lack of
> response to
> our very legitimate concerns.
> I wish you well, Curyl, or whatever your name is.
>  Greg: Lack of Medicare coverage for CGM is consistent in all states. I
> believe
> 'Curyl' gets coverage in IN because of his SDI status. HR 3710 is not a
> partisan
> bill. It can only pass if both parties support it.
> Jerry Smith
> Rochester, NY
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