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Re: [IP] 3rd kid now has elevated A1c

Hi Denise as Impossible as it seems its not out of the likelyhood that she
can get it. Diet and excercise can delay it and prevent her from having to
go on meds but its not impossible. I pray she misses this boat but if she
does get it at least she has good company with her siblings and parents
already we aware of what to do and how to treat it. I was the first of any
family memeber to be diagnosed and since then several family memeber s have
been diagnoses including my husband. I would never wish this one anyone but
at least I have someone to go through it with and we compare our results
and it becomes a support system for us..and a tattletale session at the
Dr's if we dont do what we are suppose to do. Its not purfect but we have
each other.

On Mon, Feb 17, 2014 at 8:39 PM, Denise Danielson <
email @ redacted> wrote:

> I have fraternal twins that are 18 years old.  One was dxd at age 5.  I
> also
> have a 6 year old that was dxd at age 2.5.  On Saturday my Non D 18 year
> old
> was playing "diabetes friends" games with her 6 year old sister and they
> were
> checking BG's.  Well, the Non D 18 year old's BG came back elevated. I
> became
> concerned and ran an at home A1c test and it came back at 6.1.  From
> there, we
> went to the doctor and they ran their own A1c which was slightly lower but
> nonetheless, they diagnosed her as having "pre diabetes".  They told her to
> eat better and exercise.  Since she has two sisters with T1D and she is
> slender and athletic already, I figured there is a chance this could be a
> sign
> of Type 1 coming on.  The thought seems completely impossible though.....
>  Denise D.
> .
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