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[IP] Medicare and CGM

 Now that I write a blog, I don't post much at insulin Pumpers anymore. I do
read it, but there is only so much writing I can do about diabetes.

 Sue Berger, who is a contributor to my blog, wrote a blogpost today about what
you can do to support H.R. 3710: Medicare CGM Coverage Act. Sue has been in
contact with the Legal Assistant of Carol Shea-Porter [D-NH1] who is the sponsor
of the bill and Sue outlines the steps that Shea-Porter's assistant would like
us to take.

 The link for the post is:

 I will be on Medicare in 3 years and I can't imagine being without my Dexcom.
The G4 has been a life-changing device for me. When I get to Medicare, I will
have been on CGM for almost ten years with full insurance coverage.

 If you'd like to track the bill, the link is:

 Although it is unlikely that this bill will pass, I strongly believe that I
need to contact my representative following the instructions in Sue's blogpost.
If nothing else, many people and legislators will get education about the value
of CGM and in the future, we'll see a different decision. And how can I expect
Medicare regulations to change if I'm not willing to try to get them changed?

You can contact Sue through the blog if you would like to share your story. 

And check out my blog if you're interested:  http://testguessandgo.com
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