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Re: [IP] Fund drive for Insulin pumpers SHOULD be labeled as "Funding for making a pump using diabetics life tolerable"

 Yerachmiel: I agree with everything you say. I would never have gotten through
those 1st
months of pumping without the help of Insulin Pumpers.

 I also think we who have found so much assistance here should be ashamed for
 Michael through the 3 monthly chore of fund raising. He could better use his
time helping
 those who need it. I realise not everyone can afford to give much, but I think
we would all
 miss Insulin Pumpers if it had to shut down because the equipment finally gave


>  Take a few minutes and imagine having to wear and utilize an insulin pump,
 > glucose meter and continuous monitor with only a doctors and trainers help.
> one else to call or ask about the weird skin rash, the strange lump under the
> skin, the funny blood sugars in the middle of the night.
>  Image deciding which pump you want with the only opinion available the
> salesperson from the pump company (and ditto for other equipment). Imagine
> trying to find a catheter that works when all you have to go by is the nurse
> telling you how easy it is, even though she has never even inserted one into
> herself, none-the-less worn it for a few days.
 > Imagine having to do ALL of the discovery yourself, with only the salespeople
> and the overworked and not-using medical team to guide you.
>  If everyone gave a dollar for every major tip they had once a year, I think
 > that the IP site would be permanently funded within a few years. If we all
 > in 1% of the savings value in time, money, effort, skipped or unneeded trips
 > the doctor and/or emergency room, IP would have a larger data center than
 > Anyone of us who started over twenty five years ago pumping can tell you
> the pure pleasure of "doing it yourself" and being made to feel like a dummy
 > every time something went "wrong" because (in medical opinion) YOU messed it
> .
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