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Re: [IP] Quitting list

I will never get the right insurance. I am on SSI, I will never qualify 
for Medicare. Unless my state Medicaid makes a change of heart theres 
nothing I can do.  I just got a home health RN after I was released from 
the hospital, the first words out out of her mouth was OMG where is your 
oxygen. I said I dont have any. She knows I am throwing up several hours 
nearly every day too. The last words of her mouth were "why dont you get 
a job".  I called her boss the next day and fired her.

I have 90% of what I own, furniture, unnecessities etc is for sale on 
craiglist and elsewhere. It's not selling. There's no point selling it 
for yard sale prices. That will get me no where for the money I need.

I understand I don't have to leave and I joined knowing that it would be 
over a year and a half before I could save enough money to get a 
refurbished through the charles ray iii association. I was hoping to 
know it all by then. But right now it just hurts. All my bills went up 
nearly equaling what I was going to start saving when one bill was paid 
off next month and a half. Then my car. It's just too much.

On 2/14/2014 6:07 PM, Melody Daniels wrote:
> I hear your pain -- it took 15 years for me to get the right insurance to be
> able to afford a pump.  But I was glad that during those years, pumpers in
> various Internet news groups and chat lists let me listen in on their
> conversations so I knew so much more when my big day came than I would have
> otherwise known.    You can still hang around here, or you can rejoin later
 > when your circumstances change. I hope it works out for you someday like it
> did for me.   Wishing you the best.
> Melody
>> From: email @ redacted
>> I am just writing a quick note to say I am quitting the list. I am so
>> much farther from my goal to buying a pump than I was when I joined<
> .
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