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Re: [IP] Re: Enlite Questions and Concerns

I used to be able to use the SofSensors for 6 days (i.e., an extra 3 beyond
the "approved" number, and would actually be most accurate around days 4
and 5), and so I had hoped to do the same thing with the Enlites, to extend
the approved 6 days to at least 9, since these sensors are so much more
expensive than even the SofSensors.  I disconnect the transmitter at the
end of day 6, charge it up, reattach it and re-tape everything, and do a
"new sensor" on the pump.  I usually start to get calibration errors
somewhere around day 8, and have only made it to day 9 once so far.

Within the approved 6 days of wear, though, the Enlites have worked well
for me. Almost no bleeding, and the accuracy has been much improved, so
much so that I'm almost ready to turn on the threshold suspend--a feature
I'd never trust if my glucose readings were coming from the SofSensors.


Brian, T1 dx 6/1999 (age 30), pumping since 11/2000,
currently with MM530G

On Wed, Feb 12, 2014 at 11:35 AM, Jerry Smith <email @ redacted>wrote:

> Jenny,
> The transmitter times out after 7 days.  This has always been the case as
> the
> transmitter is not new.  You must disconnect the transmitter, recharge, and
> reconnect your transmitter to the Enlite sensor.  Then you start the
> process
> again: 1) Link to Sensor; 2) New Sensor;  3) Calibrate after two hour
> warm-up
> period.  You are then good to go for up to six more days.
> I have found that the calibration becomes more difficult and I have been
> getting calibration errors about day 8 or 9.  You may also find some
> erratic
> readings that change very rapidly up or down for no apparent reason.  If
> any
> of this happens then it is probably time to start a new sensor.  Remember
> that
> the FDA has only approved the Enlite sensor for six days of usage.  My
> experience has been that after six days you will need to calibrate more
> often
> than two or three times per day.
> I hope this is helpful.
> Jerry Smith
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