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[IP] Enlite Questions and Concerns

Hi Signe,
Please give the Enlite sensor a good trial.  I started my first Enlite on
January 2nd and have worn one continuously ever since.  Insertion is very easy
with the new Enlite device.  I do not believe that it is possible to insert
manually.  You certainly could use the Sof-Sensor, but it is nowhere near as
accurate.  You should probably shut off the Low Glucose Suspend if you decide
on using the Sof-Sensor with the 530G.
I have found excellent accuracy from day one.  However, extending Enlite
sensor life has been problematic for me.  I have had no problem with days one
through six.  I am hoping to extend sensor life beyond six days as I get more
proficient.  I have used the tape that comes with the sensor and found that it
works well.  It can be tricky to use but I think I have the technique down.

Has your 530G system shipped yet?  Schedule a training session and see what
answers you get to all your concerns.  I have been using my stomach and
abdomen and have not had any issues.  I switch body sides every other week so
that my infusion sites can heal.  The Enlite sensor that I inserted yesterday
seems to be working extremely well.  My subsequent calibrations have been
right on.

Jerry Smith
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