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Re: [IP] Re:: DexCom

This is the exact experience I had.... I could written this same post myself.

> On Feb 6, 2014, at 5:25 AM, Glenn Primack <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I have used both the MM CGM and the Decom CGM.  I had the MM CGM first, the
> older version that was hardly ever accurate for me.  I thought I loved it
> being integrated into the pump because I could not lose the receiver.  When
> I couldn't put up with the inaccuracies anymore I changed to a Dexcom.
> I now realize I actually prefer to have a separate device for my CGM.  For
> one, the screen on my Dexcom is easier to read than the small screen on my
> pump.  I can keep it on my handlebars on a bike ride where I wouldn't want
> to keep my pump.  I can put it on my bedside table propped up so when it
> alarms I can see it without having to do anything.  I can put it right
> under my pillow when I sleep so I hear the alarms go off, etc.  On runs, I
> can clip it to my shorts and easily see the screen with their built in case
> where I would have to unclip my pump to see the screen.  With that being
> said, I have lost a couple of them over the years because they are not
> attached to me with tubing.
> I don't know if the alarms on the new minimed integrated CGM's are very
> loud, but I would be in trouble if it was like my old minimed with CGM.  If
> I was wearing it under clothing there is no way it would be loud enough.
> The Dexcom is REALLY loud.  It embarrasses me in meetings all the time, but
> it is configurable if I remember to do so.
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