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Re: [IP] MM Pump question

> A question for some of you MM users that have had  pump failures after
> the warranty is up.  Can some of you tell me what to watch out for
> when it comes and what failures might occur?  I have a MM 722 that the
> warranty has recently run out on.  I am  wondering what failure issues
> I can anticipate and what I need to be alert to.  I really don't want
> this thing to die on me at any given moment and am wondering if there
> are pending warning signs beforehand.  Thank you to all for any
> comments, or ideas.  Steve .

Most pumps will continue to run for years. Since her diagnosis 17 
years ago, my daughter has had 3 pump total, all of them she has kept 
for years beyond their warranty. She really dislikes replacing 
something that is still working. You know the saying "pry it out of 
my cold dead fingers"..... well the first to go had a hole worn 
through the "act" button from being pushed by her fingernail AND, the 
door had a broken hinge held closed with a rubber band. It took me 
almost a year to get her to look at a new pump, sigh...  The second 
gave up the ghost after running fine for 7 years. It was just an 
error code and it came back to life but I was able to convince her it 
was time for a new one. She's still on the third which is also long 
in the tooth at almost 7 years.

Look at it this way, a new pump has never run for more than a few 
minutes, or perhaps hours.... The one you have as proved reliable for 
at least 4 years. Which would you bet on to continue running??? 
Interestin choice.

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