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[IP] Mail Order Prescriptions 'encouragement'?

I am just feeling the need to vent abt how prescription plans bencourageb
us to use the mail order boptionb
<feel free to join in, if you, too, are irritated at how you feel

We all know that medications, especially insulin, can be seriously damaged or
ruined by the extremes in heat (hot or cold)

Ways that I know of or have heard of that prescription plans (administrators?)
bencourageb the mail order mode:
1) buy 3 months at a 2 month price
2) only allow a set number (3 for me) fills/refills at a local pharmacy before
raising the price of a blocal fill ( a method to bencourageb maintenance
meds become mail order meds )
3) charge the more expensive brand name price for local insulin prescription
vs the generic price (even though the insulin is the same name brand in both
4) changing anything (computer system, actual company/administrator, whatever)
that requires US to obtain new prescriptions in order to get needed
meds/strips, etc.  often requiring a co pay for a unneeded doctor visit....

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