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[IPn] nice note from an IP benefactor

Hello Pumpers and Friends,

I'd like to share this note that came over the weekend from an IP 
donor and benefactor.

When I thought about using a pump I learned quite a bit from
those on the list who had already been there and did that. I
learned about new pumps , good and bad features. I have also
learned about my rights on medicare and insulin being
covered. This in itself saved me and others a great deal of
money. I don't know where I could get ALL this great
information if Insulin pumpers did not exist.As the saying
goes don't wait until the site closes down to start
contributing or to complain,which would like closing the barn
door after the horses get out. Thank you michael for all you
have done. Bill 

I would also like to ask you to help Insulin Pumpers as Bill has done 

with a donation or sustaining contribution that you can afford.
Please visit:


If you are able to do a bit more, then challenge the other members to 

match your generosity. Visit:


thanks so much,
Michael Robinton
Executive Director
Insulin Pumpers
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website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org