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[IP] Interesting root contributor for beta cell death and T1 possibly identified

This explains some of the recent research I've read about on glucagon possibly 
being another root contributor to development of T1.


 Molecular Suspect in Diabetes Identified
February - 28 - 2011 
A new study has discovered a previously unknown cause of  beta-cell death.  
Scientists with the University of Texas, working with  researchers from the 
 University of Milan, found that the insulin-producing beta cells can die from a
toxic imbalance of a  molecule secreted by other pancreatic cells.  "Our study 
 shows that neighboring cells called alpha cells can behave like adversaries for
beta cells.  This was an unexpected finding," said Franco Folli,  professor of 
medicine/diabetes at the University of Texas Health Science  Center.  Alpha 
 cells make the hormone glucagon, which raises blood sugar during fasting, while
 beta cells make insulin, which lowers sugars after a meal. Diabetes can emerge
 from an imbalance of these hormones. The researchers found that the signaling
 molecule glutamate is also secreted by alpha cells, along with glucagon. This
 molecule can affect beta cell integrity. When there is an imbalance, with more
 alpha cells and fewer beta cells, this may contribute to beta-cell destruction,
Folli said.
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