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Re: [IP] [IP] > Anyone near Hoboken NJ

Running out of Reservoir.. Been there...
A nice trick in those situations : you're supposed to carry a pen (syringe)
with insulin with you all the time, aren't you ?
Just take off the pump reservoir, disconnect it from the catheter tube, rewind
the pump. It is very easy to "inject" insulin inside the reservoir, thru the
normal opening ( the small one where the insulins comes out), with the pen.
Don't forget to prime the pen, you don not want air coming into the reservoir
!. Then disconnect your site, put the reservoir back in place, prime as usual,
and reconnect the site. the a fixed prime if you think it's worth it. Done !
The main advantage : you can do that with the tools you're supposed to have
with you all the time. No need to carry all the stuff.
Sometimes I fill the new reservoir this way, because I rarely use extra (pen)
shots, and I do not want the insulin in the pen reservoir to stay there in its
bag for weeks, just waiting for its natural decay... So I empty the pen about
once a week into a (new or actual) reservoir. Then put a new cartridge into
the pen, that will wait for another occasion to be equipped with a needle.
After a week or so, the cartridge will fill another reservoir. Neat !
It also helps to coordinate the reservoir changes (every 4 days) with the
amount of insulin left in the "old" reservoir. You do not want to discard the
unused insulin, do you ? And you do not want to put it back in the new
reservoir, either. With the pen I can approximately (that is about once a
week, 2 x 4 days) fill the old reservoir with the amount of insulin needed
until the next change.

Jean Debefve

(For economical reasons, my endo considers it safe to use a paradigm reservoir
twice. Not sure it's worth it, the reservoirs are not the most expensive part
of the system,, but at least it's a argument for filling a reservoir with a
pen. Of course, use alcohol where and when necessary to do it the aseptic

Le 27 fivr. 2011 ` 20:20, Jan H. a icrit :

>> I have one Paradigmb" 3.0 ml Reservoir I ran out and MM was
>> suppossed to send me  three via overnight, but the package is missing
>> in action. I have 15.9 units left (14 hours) if I don't need to bolus.
> And if you do need to bolus, take a shot. ;-)
> Jan / Muskers T-1 11/50 http://tinyurl.com/hqsk2 - http://tinyurl.com/z4j5f
> http://tinyurl.com/evolutionofpumps .
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