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[IPn] tomorrow ??

Earilier I received this note along with a nice donation from 
one of our members. I know I could not say it so well.

I'm pretty shy, even online, so I mostly lurk at IP and have 
only participated in one chat. Even so, IP has been invaluable to me. 

I have felt encouraged for the daily facing of the challenges of 
diabetes and have learned things I could have never learned elsewhere 
or thought up on my own. For example, last fall my pump quit working 
early in the morning and I had to wait until the next day for the 
replacement. Instead of having to inject repeatedly I was able to 
give myself doses of Humalog through the Sofset piece I left in
place in my abdomen. I would never have known I could do that
if I hadn't read all the good advice on IP. My thanks to my
fellow pumpers and to Michael for creating and maintaining IP
and to all the volunteer admins who help keep it running.

Do you have a similar experience? Send me your thoughts and I will 
pass them on to the other IP members. 

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MARYLAND has contributed a generous challenge of $150 that can double 
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PLEASE help with the pledge drive, Insulin Pumpers still needs to 
raise over $2,500.00 to cover first quarter 2011 expense.

Best regards,
Michael Robinton
Executive Director
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