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Re: [IPn] recruiting for a study in SF Bay area.

Hello pumpers,

Calibra has decided to include pumpers starting at age 22 in their 
study. The original email is below with the changes for age 22.

If you would like to participate, contact info is below. $600 bucks 
for participants.

Best regards,


PUMPERS age 22 - 75

Insulin Pumpers has been asked to help find people for a focus group
study in the San Francisco Bay Area. The message I received follows:


Calibra Medical is in the process of developing a new rapid acting
insulin delivery device.  We would like to invite you to participate
in a study to provide feedback on the safety and ease of use of the
device.  The device is about the size of a credit card and attaches
to the body with a patch similar to a Band-Aid. There will be no
insulin involved in the study. The prototype is a non-working device
and is made of materials approved by the FDA.

The study is comprised of five (5) visits where you will simulate
using the new device. Over the course of the visits, you will receive
a total of six (6) "pokes" of a needle during the study. (Most people
report the pokes to be much like a syringe injection.) The visits
will be videotaped and photos may be taken.  Both will only be used
by the medical device manufacture to assess the performance and
comfort of the device.

To qualify for the study you must:
         1) Take 2 or more insulin injections per day
         2) Be on an insulin pump

         3) Be 22-80 years old.

Study Dates

March 11 - 18   (session 1, 2 and 3)

March 25 - April 1   (session 1, 2, and 3)

April 22 - 28  (Session 4 and 5)

The length of time for each visit:

Part One:
         Visit 1 = 150 minutes
         Visit 2 = 120 minutes
         Visit 3 = 30 minutes

Part Two:
         Visit 4 = 75 minutes
         Visit 5 = 45 minutes

As mentioned, this study will involve five (5) visits and a total of
seven hours of your time-all visits take place in Redwood City, CA.
You will also be asked to keep a journal over a four day period for
the device wear portion of the study. You will be compensated a total
of $600 for the study. If you need to withdraw from the study you
will be paid for the portion of the study you complete.

NOTE: You will need to bring your insulin or RX to the study so we
may verify the type of insulin you4re using. (Or be wearing your pump
if you are a pump user).

If you are interested in participating, take 2 or more insulin
injections per day or are on an insulin pump, and are between the
ages of 22 and 80, please contact us at 408-834-8443 or email
email @ redacted as soon as possible.
(a limited number of slots are available).


Ok, mature pumpers, if you live in the SF Bay Area and fit their
criteria, make the call. Your participation will one way or another
help everyone in the diabetes community.

Best regards,
Michael Robinton
Executive Director
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website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org