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Re: [IP] Medicare

Hi Peter,
I was a MM pumper and got caught up in Animas and MM wanting to push me off to 
CCS or Liberty or some other third party.  The problem was that those third 
 parties were not associated with my secondary insurance which is UHC and it was
going to cost a boatload more money to use the third parties.   I do not deal 
well with stress.  It truly sends my bgs through the roof.  This was very 
stressful.  I also had a time constraint as in my UHC  deductible was met for 
last year and it was Dec  and my MM pump had an intermittent pump motor.   It 
was older and I was getting no errors or alarms or insulin every few 
days.....not fun.  

I finally got United Health Care to call MM and Animas and explain that their 
association to the pump companies....  The first United rep thought everything 
was set up.  But until we were all on the same phone call and I had a specific 
 name, it wasnt. My pump came directly from Animas and my supplies future should
 too. It took 3 UHC calls but it appears to be good now. I think Animas and MM
just did not want to deal with Medicare directly.

Hope this helps.  


From: Peter Proza <email @ redacted>
To: email @ redacted
Sent: Sat, February 26, 2011 11:56:31 AM
Subject: [IP] Medicare

A few years ago it looked like Animas ,without explanation, dumped
their Medicare customers into the jungle of mail order suppliers.
About a year ago I tried to get some straight information about that
apparent change from Animas and got caught in a three way hustle with
an Animas rep.  and (some one who said that they were) a CCS  sales
person.  It was a complete waste of time except I got an interesting
inside look at two large companies.

The wording in some recent IP posts make me wonder if Animas has
changed its sales policies. Are there any IP Medicare members who now
get their pump supplies directly from Animas ? And if you answer,
please tell me if you work for Animas or CCS.  Thank you.
Peter 1
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