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Re: Re: [IP] Screening at LAX airport-Update

At 06:52 PM 2/28/2010, email @ redacted wrote:
>Jenny, 21, flew to India last August for a study abroad. She went through
>security in San Diego, Newark, New Delhi, and Kolkata both coming and
>going. She had an Animas back up pump, as well as the one connected to her
>body. When she insisted that that pumps could not be xrayed, the US
>airports decided she needed to put a battery in the loaner and demonstrate
>that it was a pump. She also had go through secondary screening and have
>both pumps "swabbed,. Her real complaint was the rudeness she encountered.
>She is a very pleasant person and understood why that they were nervous
>about the pumps. She did not appreciate the attitude, at San Diego and
>Newark, that went along with the screening. She said that security
>personnel in India treated her much more nicely. By the way, Animas did not
>complain that she had had to break the seal and put a battery in the pump.
>In January, she went to Costa Rica and chose not to take a backup pump. She
>was still "swabbed", this time at LAX and Charlottesville, both directions.
>As I read about TSA procedures, it doesn't seem like this should be
>happening to her every time she passes through an airport.

I agree.  It should not be happening.  When I flew from Detroit Metro 
to NYC, I was told, in no uncertain terms that if my Animas backup 
pump was not x-rayed, it was not getting on the plane.  So, it got 
x-rayed.  Immediately afterwards, I called Animas from the airport 
and talked to their tech support and she acted like it was no big 
deal.  Huh?  Later, after I got home and relayed this incident to 
Animas, they got all in a tizzy and were all upset that nothing was 
done by them to take care of this situation for me.  Whatever.  I 
contacted the TSA after this incident, relayed what happened and was 
contacted by an airport security liaison.  We discussed what 
happened, what should have happened and he told me that they would do 
additional training at Detroit Metro so that their security personnel 
would know what to do about insulin pumps.  When I flew last, I was 
just waved through, no discussion.

I fear that at some point in time, some terrorist idiot will discover 
that there are certain medical issues that they can exploit to get 
bombs or whatever on planes.  At that point in time, I will probably 
quit flying.

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