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[IP] College Graduate and Insurance

As a Type I for almost 38 years, my advice is DO NOT LET YOUR CHILD'S
INSURANCE LAPSE! When I fist graduated from college in 1978, I could not find
a job in my chosen field (teaching.) I knew how to type, and found a
poorly-paying job as a secretary. Why? Because I needed health insurance! I am
complication free to this day. I have a relative with Type I who decided to go
into business for herself a number of years back, and went without insurance
for a few years. She got the flu, was afraid to go to the emergency room (but
ultimately ended up going up anyway when she went into DKA.)
If you let your daughter go without health insurance, you are sending her a
message that health insurance is not a priority and that, therefore, Type I
diabetes and its control should not be the first priority in her life. I
realize COBRA is ridiculously expensive (hopefully you'll be able to take it
off of your 2010 taxes!) COBRA did not exist wen I first graduated from
My parents, in 1978, did not have enough money to purchase my health
insurance. That's why they made me get a job - even if that job was
poorly-paying. It taught me about life, and for that I am thankful. 
Obviously health insurance needs an overhaul, but that is a monstrous task,
and I don't think a group of politicians can swing it. I don't care for the
public option. Everyone in Great Britain has "free" health insurance, but most
Type I diabetics there get care that is far inferior to ours here in the
Good luck!
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