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Re: [IP] Screening at LAX airport-Update

 I went on a trip last year and took my Ping as a backup. My husband put it on
his belt just like it was his pump. If you have two people traveling you could
do that.

Judi in MI
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From: "Barbara Young" <email @ redacted>
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2010 12:33:55 
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Subject: Re:  [IP] Screening at LAX airport-Update

Thanks everyone for your responses. I think that is what we will try,
holding the pump out and declaring it before entering the metal

I also want to mention this "update".  Animas is sending us a
vacation loaner, and they stressed to me on the phone that this
loaner pump CAN NOT be x-rayed.  It must be carried on your person,
along with the connected pump.  Boy, this is going to be double

It wasn't just a matter of needing a few minutes extra to be wanded
on our last trip in the USA.  I wrote about this last year, at
SEATAC they very rudely grabbed my child and pushed her into a
clear plexi-glass box, and she was left there like a criminal.  She
was barefoot and bewildered.  I tried to give her her sandals and
the security screamed at me.  I have a real problem with being
barefoot in a public place, it really gives me the creeps.  

She didn't really know what was happening and was left there quite a
long time.  Her diabetes has caused brain damage which results in
frequent seizures, especially uncontrolled at that time, and I was
sure she would have a seizure from that stress and then not be able
to respond to those "authorities" who would then go really crazy if
she didn't reply to them....

I was really traumatized by that event.  But now we know what to
expect and I will go through Security first and take control of all
carry on bags, so they don't get left for someone else to pick up.

Barbara, mum of Claire 15, pumping 9 years
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