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[IP] Thanks

 I wanted to thank everyone who has mentioned all the various things that
influence diabetes and blood sugar
 control in the past couple of days. The bad insulin pump fairy visited
yesterday and seeing that mentioned on this list helped
 me finally figure out to change out my site and reservoir rather than keep
trying to bolus a correction
 and keep changing my basal. It's one thing when the fish sticks 2 nights ago (I
know, not that great
 for me but I really dislike fish so they only way I'll ingest it is in breaded
form) kept my sugars high for 4-6 hours
 after dinner. But yesterday, after a breakfast that usually reacts fine to
insulin and a lunch that should have done
 the same, my numbers just refused to come down. I finally figured out around
midnight to inject from a insulin pen
 in the fridge; 30 minutes later my numbers came down significantly, so I
changed my site and reservoir; a hour after
 that I was back in the low 100's. When I told my husband, he blamed my new
electric blanket (who knows - he might have
 a point). Either way, it's good to know I'm not the only one who has things go
wacky for no reason.

 I do want to add that if all Type 1s had to worry about was food, then I would
think Type 1 would be easier
 than Type 2. But from what I've heard and seen, I think all forms of diabetes
suck and anyone that
 claims that you can control blood sugar by just doing one thing (whatever that
thing is), doesn't get what's
 going on. Maybe there are some folks that that one thing works for, but it
won't work for all of us.

Padma Bending

 p.s. I for one am really tired of people (thankfully not my doctors) telling me
that if I just lose weight, I won't be diabetic. Uh, let's see, not every
overweight person is diabetic; and once you are diabetic, even if you are not on
insulin, losing weight is very hard (I had lows when I was on oral meds. alone).
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