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RE: [IP] What don't you know, but wish you did?

No kidding I had the flu this week and am running basals at 140%...ouch

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At 04:59 PM 2/23/2010, Gianna wrote:

>Like, what if I could just run a portable scanner over
>anything I ate, and it would tell me exactly how it would affect my blood
>sugar? As my endocrinologist says, diabetes is really about food. But that's
>just my experience. I'd be curious to know what others thing, especially if
>you don't just care for yourself, but if you care for a child with diabetes

If my endo told me that diabetes is really only about food, I'd fire 
him/her and get a new endo.  I can eat the same exact food each day 
and have totally different blood sugar results.  Controlling bg is 
more than just food.  It's exercise, it's stress.  It's infections, 
it's locations of infusion sets and so much more.  It's the phase of 
the moon and the evil pump fairy too.

It's not just about food.

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