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RE: [IP] Re: What you don't know...

Agreed, I consider it control when I catch my low in time and when I lower
my highs in good time, and when the times within range are more than they
are out of range. Crazy disease. BTW I may have to go back to MDI. My
insurance doesn't cover the pump and my doc doesn't know how to work with a
pump. Can't find an endo that takes my insurance. She just told me if I want
to keep the insurance I have (California, Monterey County MIA)I have to go
off the pump. I was on shots last year for 2 months and it almost killed me.
Paul TI 2/1981 @21yo MM515

On Wed, 24 Feb 2010 16:20:25 -0500 Roselea & CM Peterson wrote:

> >Lies, I tell you!
> >Control is a lie.
> Control is VERY difficult.  And, even when you think you've finally 
> got it all figured out, it CHANGES!

 I couldn't agree more, CONTROL is difficult. Things keep changing,
basal rates as
 soon as I think I've had 2 or 3 good days it is back all over the place. I
given up formal
 basal testing, I just tweak. How does one predict how much exercise one
will do
in 2 hours in
order to reduce basals??  I can't.

 As for food, carb counting is at best an approximation, how ripe is this
how dense is
 this bread slice, I wiegh everything but still go all over the place. Plus
gluten free foods are
even more ununiform.

 Sorry for my rant. Life is better with the pump & BG testing monitors, but
today, after my
 set change my BG shot up, bad set??, seems to be coming down now after I
set in,  but I hate that & it's my birthday!

Annabella T1 for 49 years now, Animas 1250 since 2/2007
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