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Re: [IP] Re: What you don't know...

 Any doctor that believes in perfection is living in a fantasy world. The best
you can do is keep working at it. It is a never ending job. Some might get lucky
and stay at a perfect bg of 70 - 100 but most of us have to work at it.

--- On Wed, 2/24/10, RoseLea <email @ redacted> wrote:

> > I cannot control my hormones:  we aren't just
> talking estrogen, but all those
> > other stinkers from thyroid, adrenals and heavens
> knows what else that keep my
> > sugars in an uproar.
> Cortisol is a stinker too.
> > The phase of the moon affect bg. The season of the
> year, the amount of
> > sunshine, the speed of my colon, the alignment of the
> planets and what music
> > i'm listening to...  well, you all know the
> drill.
> I'm with you.  There's the evil pump fairy too, you
> know.  You mean you haven't heard of her yet?
> > Lies, I tell you!
> > Control is a lie.
> Control is VERY difficult.  And, even when you think
> you've finally got it all figured out, it CHANGES!
> I think we do the best we can.  When my doctor shows
> me her chart taking from my pump downloading and it shows
> some highs and lows, I just shrug my shoulders and say,
> "well that's life".  She doesn't argue with me. 
> The best a doctor can do.  My last endo was so cool,
> until he retired, he also believe that there were just some
> things in life we couldn't control and expecting perfect bgs
> all the time was impossible.
> Now, I'm in the process of training my new doctor. She'll
> learn eventually, I'm sure, if not I'll fire her and find a
> new doctor.
> RoseLea .
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