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Re: [Norton AntiSpam] Re: [IP] Medco/test strips FYI

>  If I buy locally I can only get 30 day supply and after third time the copay
> doubles. Ugh.
If I buy locally, I can get a 30 day supply.  After the third month,
they are no longer paid for.  This is part of my contact for all
"maintenance drugs."

My strips CANNOT come under the DME part of my policy, as I checked
that out right away.  But I do get a lot of them from Medco.  I am in a
COBRA plan with Aetna, but it is a self-funded plan.  Self-funded plans
can cause a lot more problems, but it is my only choice to have health
insurance right now.  

I also have a high co-pay, but that kind of depends on how you look at
it.  I pay $120 a month for a three month supply, but for that I get 14
boxes of 100.  So if you look at it by what they cost to purchase at a
drug store, that's not bad.  

I pay the same for insulin but get 9 bottles for my $120.  This is a
three month supply but must come from the mail order.   I could get
three bottles at the drug store for three months and pay $60 each month,
but after three months, my insurance would pay nothing.  I'm pretty much
forced to use mail order.

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
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