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Re: [IP] Medco/test strips FYI

At 01:41 AM 2/28/2009, Michael Robinton wrote:
>Call your insurance provider customer service number and ask to be
>connected to the department that co-ordinates 3rd party pharmacy services.
>Just don't let them give you a number of the third party provider which is
>what they will try to do. I've done this many times and consistently
>gotten the same run-around. If you are polite but insistent, you will get
>the contact info you need.

With my insurance, you can only speak to the yahoos who answer the 
customer service phone number.  If you ask to speak to someone else 
or ask for a phone number for someone else, they tell you there 
aren't any other numbers you can call.  Period.  These people know 
nothing about your policy I'm finding out.  In fact, they have 
repeatedly told me that with my new insurance I have to buy my 
supplies and submit the receipt to them myself, the supplier cannot 
directly bill them.  I'm now finding out that's not correct at 
all.  I've now signed up with new suppliers and they all tell me they 
checked my insurance and will bill the insurance company directly 
since they are In-Network.  I'm going through a crazy time trying to 
get a month's worth of test strips covered correctly (more than $30 
for 300 strips).  I got them from a supplier in Texas who is 
In-Network with BC of Texas.  My BC in Michigan is saying they are 
not In-Network, which they indeed are since BCBSM is considered to be 
nationwide, not just your state (they will cover In Network providers 
from other states just as if they are in Michigan).  Yahoos, all of them.

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