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[IP] Donations

 I, Like Liz and Siles also make monthly donations which I hardly miss. I agree
with both of them that if more would go this route, then Mike could put his time
to better use. Panhandling to keep the site solvent isn't something that he
should be doing. The day I found this site, I thought to myself, I'm home. I am
a lurker on most sites, just reading what is going on. But this site I keep
coming back to, constantly, every day.

 We are in hard times folks. This is the worse time in the history of the United
States. In reality it is worse then the Great depression. Why, you ask do I say
that? Eighty years ago, there were only about a 121 million people in the entire
country. Unemployment in 1932 was 23.5%. Today, it is nearly 300 million. In
some areas of the country the Unemployment rate is 7.2 % and in others 8% and
climbing. This depression is worse then anything that has happened to this
country to date.

 But it is us, who are the ones to make sure that places like Insulin Pumpers is
still here after the smoke has cleared. Us alone!

Somewhat off topic, sorry. But we do need you!!!!!

Think Spring!!!!!
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