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RE: [IP] Correction factor for high BGs

Linda H.	Go to the URL I Listed.
I am not a medical person and don't feel qualified to answer your question.
We are all different and what works for one might not work for another.
There is a book called Pumping Insulin : Everything You Need to Know
to Use an Insulin Pump Successfully
by John Walsh, Ruth Roberts

the BIBLE of pumping
Here is a link to information on it.

After reading this book I was able to set up my pump and understand
how to check all the settings.

John S Wilkinson
Rome, NY
Order your Plants early.
Spring will be here soon.

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Is this figuring really accurate?
What if someone is currently not taking enough insulin to keep their
bgs where they need to be?
Is this for someone to help fix the problem?
I currently take about 57 U/day (basal & bolus combined).
My pump was originally set up 1 to 50.
According to this I should be setup 1 to 30.
Should I change my settings to see if this brings me more into range.

I still would not part with my pump because it is so much better than
multiple shots (my own feelings).

LInda H.

At 08:11 AM 2/2/2009, you wrote:
>Total amount of Insulin per day: (use a three day average)
>Basal daily total:______________ units
>Bolus daily total:______________ units
>Total Daily insulin:____________ units
>Divide: 1700 by Total Daily Insulin. This is your Sensitivity
>Factor/Correction Factor.
>Example: 14 units basal insulin
>+ 16 units bolus insulin
>= 30 units total daily insulin
>1700/30 = 50. This Correction Factor means that 1 unit of insulin will
>blood glucose by approximately 50mg/dl.
>John S Wilkinson
>Rome, NY
>Order your Plants early.
>Spring will be here soon.
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