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[IP] Lows

I've had the same problem when low.  I'd check my BG, see that I'm low, and
go to the kitchen to grab some Smarties.  That should take me about 10
seconds.  Somewhere along the way I'd remember that I wanted to write
"tomato sauce" on my grocery list, then I'd see some laundry that needed
picking up, then I'd check to see if the meat in the fridge had defrosted
yet.  All this time I would be telling myself how stupid it was to get
sidetracked instead of grabbing some sugar immediately, and then I'd do some
other stupid errand!


"Cindy Keller" <email @ redacted> wrote:

When first diagnosed my lips use to tingle and I could tell something was
going to happen. I have had diabetes 37 years, that symptom doesn't happen
anymore. I sometimes don't want to take anything when low or its just that I
am so confused it is hard to make a choice because you are in a daze and
zillions of thoughts are going through your head, what do I eat??? what was
bs? what do I eat? no don't want that, then you just stand there and can't
decide but always listen to your body and do what you need to do.
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