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Re: [IP] Add on to earlier post of: lows

 When I get low I get very defensive and pretend like nothing is wrong. I do not
want to admit to anyone that I am having a problem (or to myself for that
matter). I am often rude and short with my boyfriend or anyone I am close to and
trust who tries to help and deny there is a problem to anyone else.
  If I do not react this way, I will get weepy and feel like crying and crawl in
bed (or stay in bed) and be very short with my words. I will usually not deny
food if it is given to me, but if it requires someone to go out of their way,
then I deny deny deny there is a problem.
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> My son in law and I have Type 1, I have had it for 59 years, he has had it
> for 24 yrs, he gets violent, defensive and denies he needs anything for
>   treatment. I get subdued, quiet, sleepy and accept the offer from 
> anyone that I
> maybe
> low. I treat it immediately. My father was Type 1 in the 1920's he reacted
>   like me. I also have about 8 friends and relatives who are Type 2. They say
> they
> never have lows.
 > >>> So, I posted about what everyone does at certain levels and now I have
> more
> question to ask and see what responses I get back. When you are having a Hypo
> event does anyone get angry, violent, aggressive????
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